Sports eyewear by adidas available with prescription click here

  • practically invisible
  • extensive field of vision
  • RX clip-in rimless is protected against external influences by the sun lenses
  • most cost effective method for changing sunglass lenses according to different light conditions
  • can be used for sport eyewear up to 10-base
  • great variety of shapes
  • suitable for bifocal and progressive lenses due to the deeper lens shape
Adidas Evil Eye Evo

Evil Eye Evo Pro

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

Adizero Tempo

Adizero Tempo

Kumacross halfrim

Kumacross Halfrim



Tycane Pro Outdoor

Tycane Pro Outdoor

Kumacross 2.0


Evil Cross Halfrim

Evil Cross Halfrim

Kumacross 2.0

kumcross 2.0

The ultimate sports eyewear

adidas eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports and the lifestyle surrounding sport. Top athletes are involved in developing new high performance eyewear, which ensures the best combination of next-generation frame and lens technologies, including personalised fit and best vision. adidas eyewear is therefore not just another pair of sunglasses, but an essential part of your sports equipment that supports better vision:

high performance

adidas eyewear models are packed with innovative technologies to ensure best performance during sport. A powerful combination of frame and lens technologies geared to meet the demands of high performance athletes from training to race day.

performance essentials

Versatile eyewear for an active lifestyle; fusing design with function and offering light-weight comfort according to the demands of daily life and sports performance.

There are 4 fundamental benefit values, which are combined to ensure a great feeling and perfect vision with adidas eyewear:


See more, remain focused and relaxed.


No distraction, with a personalised fit to meet your needs.


Worry free with protection from dangerous sun rays and other external influences like dirt, rain and wind.


Trust in the strength and flexibility with highly durable materials.