Occupational Lenses

Buying a pair of glasses can be a daunting experience. There are so many styles of frame to choose from and all too often little consideration is given to the lenses. Remember when buying new glasses, your choice of lens can have a major impact on your quality of vision and the overall look of your glasses. Here we explain some of the different lens options available.

These lenses are commonly used when a correction for near work is needed. A single vision reading lens wearer would find that anything beyond this distance would be blurred, therefore either the wearer would need to remove the glasses or switch to another pair of glasses to view mid distance. Mid distance could be anything from using a computer to eating a meal.

Occupational lenses allow you to view at mid range and near distance, in the same pair of glasses, making everyday tasks easier and more comfortable for the wearer. These can be used as an additional pair to your main pair of spectacles, particularly useful for long periods of wear on a computer. Some models even offer a semi-distance area for walking around the office or house, but they do not offer a long distance correction, so are not suitable for driving.

We would also recommend an Anti-reflection coating on these lenses. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will be glad to give you advice on these lenses.

Occupational Lenses
Single Vision

Single Vision Lens
(Close work in focus Only)

Occupational lenses give an increased working distance at the upper portion of the lens.

The addition of an Anti-reflection coating will help to reduce eye fatigue and reduce reflections from computer screens.

Occupational lens

Occupational Lens
(Objects on table in focus as well)