Premium varifocal lenses

Varilux S

You should always experience the best possible vision. Yet in the past you may have experienced visual limitations when wearing varifocal lenses. For the first time we can offer you varifocal lenses that will give you complete visual freedom.

You will feel more balanced when moving and experience maximised fields of vision with Varilux S series.

Created using the latest technologies in optics and with a deep understanding of wearer physiology, Varilux S series is the most advanced visual solution available in the Varilux range.

  • The physiological differences between each eye are taken into account to produce lenses with maximised fields of vision.
  • The structure of the lens is completely re-engineered to ensure you feel more visual stability when moving.

Varilux S 4D

The Varilux S 4D offers you a new level of responsiveness in a varifocal lens fully personalised for your individual needs. Just as we are right or left handed we have a dominant eye that leads our vision. With 15 unique and sophisticated measurements taken with our Visiofice, Varilux S 4D is tailored to you and your dominant eye. By identifying this we are able to personalise your lenses to give you access to a faster visual experience.

All Varilux S Series lenses are covered by the Varilux Guarantee.