Transitions Lenses

Transitions are fast acting photochromic lenses which give you automatic protection from the sun and are the ideal everyday choice for healthy sight.

They are available in most lens designs, Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal. They are clear indoors and at night. Outdoors, they automatically darken as light conditions change.

They provide visual comfort and enhance visual quality, helping you to see better today. And like sunblock protects your skin, Transitions lenses block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes so you can see better tomorrow too.


Combine Transitions lenses with an Anti-reflection coating for ultimate performance. As well as actually increasing the speed of fade back, the lenses stay much cleaner for much longer. Transitions are available in either Grey or Brown.

Transition lenses react to UV light, and as this can be blocked out by a modern car windscreen, Transitions may not darken behind your car windscreen.

To combat this Transitions have now launched 'Transitions Xtractive' which will darken to approxiamately 50% behind a car windscreen.


Clear indoorsClear indoors at home, in the office or in a restaurant, Transitions lenses are as clear as ordinary lenses, indoors and at night.

Adapts quicklyAdapts quickly whether cycling, walking the dog or going out shopping, they provide comfort by conveniently darkening outdoors to reduce glare and tired eyes.

Dark OutdoorsDark outdoors rushing between meetings, at school sports day or out in the garden, they protect your eyes by blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time.

Transitions adaptive lenses are designed to be worn every day

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