Eye exam

Eye Examinations – an eye exam is a good health check

You eyesight is so important, you rely on it in almost every aspect of life.

It is not always apparent when our eyes are unhealthy, usually there is no pain and any loss of vision can be so gradual that it goes unnoticed until it is too late.

The primary reason for an eye examination is to check the health of your eyes. Conditions such as diabetes, raised cholesterol or high blood pressure can sometimes be detected by examining the eyes.

We can determine whether you are seeing as well as possible and/or whether spectacles could improve your vision.

After the Examination

By the end of the eye examination your Optometrist will have a detailed knowledge of your eyes and visual requirements.

The results will be explained and we will advise you of when your next eye test will be due.

If you require glasses, one of our qualified Dispensing Opticians will be happy to show you our large collection of frames.

They can recommend the best eyewear solutions, designed to give you the clearest and most comfortable vision whatever your visual requirements.

How often?

We normally recommend eye examinations every two years.
Children under 16 and those over 70 years of age need to be seen annually.
Children under 16 who wear spectacles are usually examined every 6 months.
Your optometrist may advise more regular eye examinations depending on your medical and family history and eye health.


If you experience a sudden loss of vision, flashing lights, floaters, severe pain or redness you should consult an optician or doctor immediately or attend an accident and emergency department.

Free retinal photography

A digital camera system allows us to look in great detail at the health of the inner surface of the eye and record the images to make comparisons and monitor any changes over time.

This service is a part of the eye examination and is provided at no extra cost.