Etnia Barcelona offer unique styling drawing from over 70 years of experience and know-how. Etnia frames are often brightly coloured, artfully designed and well fitting. 

Worn by celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt and  dubbed by Elle magazine as ‘under-the-radar but consequently painfully cool’, each item is manually finished to give you the high quality frame you expect. The frames are made with the highest-quality natural materials like Mazzucchelli acetate, which comes from cotton and wood, ensuring maximum comfort.

Etnia Barcelona challenges everyone to express themselves fearlessly. We are color, art, and culture.


Each collection is created from the very beginning. And unlike many other brands, Etnia own their own factories, manufacturing only their products which allows them to control the entire manufacturing process which guarantees the highest quality of all their products.

Natural Acetates

Etnia’s frames are made of natural Mazzucchelli acetate, a material that comes from cottoned wood and which is characterised by its comfort and malleability.


Pioneers in the study and application of colour, with more than 500 own colour references inspired by the world of fashion and art. It is the most creative and colourful brand in the international optics sector with unique glasses whose value lies in the highest quality of its raw materials and the design of its colours.


One of the best characteristics of Etnia Barcelona glasses is that they are specifically designed and produced to provide maximum comfort.


Etnia are eliminating the single use of plastic in their frame packaging and replacing it with 100% biodegradable bags made from corn starch. Protecting our future.

Brand ambassadors

Etnia Barcelona, worn by celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, Selena Gomez and Jay Z.

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