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Hearing products at Onlookers

There are so many different hearing products available, it can be very daunting trying to decide what might be best for you. Here is a basic guide to some of the things we offer.

There are four levels of technology available to correct your hearing needs.

Bronze: Basic technology, ideal for less active lifestyles and budget conscious people.

Silver: Technology giving moderate background noise reduction and clear speech.

Gold: Advanced technology, giving increased background noise reduction and clear speech.

Platinum: Premium technology, giving optimum background noise reduction, fast processing for best speech discrimination with extra automatic features.

Many have added connectivity so can pair with some smart phones.

Also rechargeable options are now available:

  • Ideal for those with dexterity problems as there is no battery changing or handling required.
  • More convenient – No need to replace batteries every few days.
  • More efficient – Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries every year.
  • Can be used with conventional batteries if required.

As new technology is emerging all the time it is best to speak to Evelyne for the best advice on the correct hearing device for you.

Please make a free appointment on 01377 200040.

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