Widex Unique Passion Hearing Aids

Widex Unique Passion Hearing Aids

Widex Unique Passion packs a lot of technology in to a tiny mechanism, one of the world’s smallest hearing aids doesn’t compromise on power. Suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss, Widex Unique Passion is versatile and subtle.

  • Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) technology, exclusive to Widex, which will change functions based on your environment automatically.
  • Designed for discretion, the tiny mechanism will hide behind your ear without drawing attention.
  • Fitted with a Multi-Channel Locator and a Speech Enhancer, so you can hear what’s important.
  • Protected with Nano Care A, a wax protection system that protects the hearing instrument’s receiver as well as safeguarding the sound path.

Sound quality at a fraction of the size

Widex Unique Passion utilises Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) technology, exclusive to Widex. This unique technology continuously controls and coordinates all functions in the hearing instrument automatically in response to changes in your listening environment. ISP integrates your needs and preferences while dramatically increasing sound quality.

The receiver, or loudspeaker, in conventional hearing instruments occupies a lot of space. By placing it in the ear canal, Widex has developed one of the smallest hearing instruments yet created without effecting hearing capability.

Don’t be distracted by background noise

The Multi-Channel Locator is a dual microphone system that helps to optimise sound, making speech more intelligible by reducing background noise. The Multi-Channel Locator focuses on the sounds you want to hear – no matter where they come from.

Widex Speech Enhancer is an advanced noise reduction system that automatically detects and separates speech from noise in your listening environment so that speech can be best understood.

  • Date 23rd November 2017
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