Lens coatings & treatments

Anti-reflection Coated Lenses

Anti-reflection coatings are designed to reduce glare and light scattering from artificial light sources. One big advantage is that they help to reduce the glare from car headlights when driving at night. They can also help relieve eye strain if you use a computer. This coating does not provide shading from the sun, but often incorporates UV protection to help reduce the chance of UV related damage to the eyes.

Anti-reflection coatings are scratch resistant and water repellent. They can also be supplied with a smudge resistant treatment, making them easier to clean.

Anti-reflection coated lenses look cosmetically better than uncoated lenses as they make the eyes more visible behind your glasses.

Thin and Light Lenses

People with high or complex prescriptions can find that standard lenses are quite thick and heavy. To combat this we offer a wide range of thinner lens options which will make the lenses look better, give a wider choice of frames and reduce the weight of your glasses so they are more comfortable to wear.  Thinner lenses are usually paired with an anti reflection coating as standard because uncoated thinner lenses materials reflect more light than standard lenses. Choosing the right frame style is also very important to ensure you get the best result from your lenses.