Looking Beyond. Always.

Blackfin is the perfect marriage of technology and design.

Handmade in Italy from the highest quality Japanese Titanium, each frame is artisan crafted following 53 production steps.

Every frame is highly individual with high performance, they weigh as little as 2.4g and combine amazing strength, lightness and flexibility.

Discover all the features that make it unique.

Japanese Titanium, Italian talent.

We always buy our raw titanium from the best Japanese producers and we always shape this extraordinary material in Italy, knowing how to take advantage of every feature.

Titanium is as resistant as steel, but 40% lighter.
It is a technological material light-weight, durable, biocompatible, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Comfort and Design weighing only just 2,4 Grams.

Comfort and design weighing only 2.4 grams.
Blackfin redefines the concepts of lightness and strength.
A meeting of technology, volumes and design, weighing only 2.4 grams.  Eyewear with a strong personality and style, so light and comfortable you hardly know it’s there.

A throughout Italian excellence.

Each pair of Blackfin glasses is entirely designed and manufactured by us in Italy: a straight and strategic choice in order to control all the manufacturing stages, to follow every detail with maniacal care, to produce every component in real time, so that everyone becomes aware of truest meaning of the word “quality”.

Avant-Garde Design.

The road to the finished product is long, but we are prepared to walk that road, never tiring. A Blackfin frame starts life as a concept that becomes a sketch and finally a prototype. There are many steps on the way to this transformation – technical tests, colour matching, constant adjustments, backed by a wealth of knowledge. At the end of all this, what we have in our hands is sheer perfection, impeccable style and design. This is our reward for all that effort.

Extraordinary Colours.

Blackfin is an icon of technology and colour. The multiple chromatisms, carefully handcrafted in Italy, emphasize the well-defined character of the frame making it remarkably unique.

Only Blackfin has Ultraflexible temples.

Blackfin is the only product on the market that offers temples made from a such a thin (only 5 tenths of a millimetre) and rare sheet of precious Beta Titanium. This technical solution ensures a distinguished comfort, due to the extreme flexibility and adaptability of the temples to the face, making it a both stable and imperceptible frame.

Swordfish, the revolutionary temple-tip.

The patented Swordfish temple-tip is the perfect complement to the ultraflexible temples in Beta-Titanium. It permits you to manually adjust the length of the temples to the shape of the face – just in a few seconds. Blackfin is aware of the uniqueness of the features of each individual face and does not standardize them.

Completely Biocompatible.

Titanium is a completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. Just as all the other components of each pair of Blackfin glasses. We completely eliminate any allergic reaction to Nickel that you will find in all the other metal frame glasses and some eyeglasses made of low-quality titanium.

Decorations and Laser Markings.

Blackfin is a frame for all those who are not familiar with the word “banality”. That is why we replaced the traditional and precarious inkmarkings with durable and precious engravings and decorations made with the anodic laser technology. And that is why Blackfin is the only frame to offer these unmatched markings with iridescent reflections; a synonym for uniqueness and distinction.

Each product is a Unique piece.

When we use the term “uniqueness”, we know exactly what we are talking about. Each of our products is the direct reflexion of our abilities: the ability to perform absolutely unique processings and the careful attention to every construction detail. That is why every Blackfin has an individual series number that guarantees its origin and authenticity.

Laser Customization.

Blackfin is as unique as its wearer. That is why we offer a service to laserengrave Your name or an acronym, so Your Blackfin will be even more unique and personal.

Uniblock. A single block of Titanium.

The solderless Uniblock™ components, made by processing a single block of beta titanium, define a new level of strength and lightness in the rimless category. The total absence of solderings ensures clean and essential lines and gives the frame an extraordinary aesthetic. The pins to fix the lenses, integral with the other parts of the frame, can withstand extraordinary stress without signs of wear.

No screw and no soldering.

Always looking for simple and elegant solutions, Blackfin offers extraordinarily resistant eyewear, with clean and simple lines, thanks to the absence of screws and solderings, always the critical points in a pair of glasses.

Atom, the maintenance-free hinge.

50.000 opening and closing cycles, no maintenance. Thanks to the micrometric techniques implemented in the processing of titanium, we were able to patent a hinge without screws, the critical point in every pair of traditional glasses. A guarantee of reliability and precision, obtained by the use of very high precision technologies and a new and exclusive material inside the hinge, Milaton™, a result of the Blackfin research.

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