Personalised lenses

Lenses produced using your unique Eyecode for comfortable, instant vision.

When your lenses are dispensed by one of our dispensing opticians we will take all the necessary measurements to ensure your lenses are positioned in the right place for your eyes. This is done whether your lenses are single vision, bifocal or varifocal and essential to giving you good vision.

Some lenses can be manufactured using an additional set of measurements which take into account not only the position of your pupil but the centre of rotation of your eye in relation to the position of your lenses.

Standard lenses are manufactured on the basis that everybody has he same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC). But in reality this can vary by as much as 30%.

Using our revolutionary Visioffice measurement system we obtain a unique measurement called Eyecode, which is a series of 3D measurements enabling us to tailor your lenses perfectly to you and your eyes, producing a highly accurate bespoke lens, like been measured for a tailor made suit as opposed to an off the peg suit.

Fully personalised lenses using your unique Eyecode measurements will give you the most advanced vision available.

Essilor lenses mapped to your unique Eyecode deliver 5x greater visual precision than a lens with no personalisation parameters.

Your vision can be more comfortable, highly contrasted and dynamic. Low contrast images are clearer, even in lower light conditions.

Call in now to discuss personalised lenses with one of our qualified dispensing opticians.