Thealoz Duo Gel Dry Eye Treatment

Thealoz Duo Gel Dry Eye Treatment

Liquid gel eye drops that combine Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate plus Carbomer gel (0.25%) in a preserva

tive free formulation, providing the longest lasting relief for dry eyes in the Thea range.

It can be particularly useful before going to sleep at night, and simply if you wish to avoid using drops as often as usual.

Thealoz Duo Gel works in three ways:

• Trehalose protects the epithelial cells on the ocular surface, improving their resistance to the daily stresses of dry environments and tear film changes in a dry eye

• Sodium Hyaluronate adds moisture by holding water to hydrate and lubricate the surface of the eye.

• Carbomer Gel makes the formulation last longer on the eye, but without stickiness

• The liquid gel drops come in easy to squeeze single dose vials – a drop can be applied as often as necessary throughout the day.

Thealoz Duo Gel is a hypotonic formulation (low osmolarity) which means it particularly addresses the chemistry imbalance of the tear film in chronic dry eye and is better at soothing symptoms.

Thealoz Duo Gel is part of the Thealoz Duo range for dry eyes which includes multidose drops and single dose vials.

  • Date 9th December 2016
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